Quaide Azam Academy for Disabled Persons

ALHAMDULILLAH, PDF Quaide Azam Academy for Disabled persons is a Resource, Training and Educational Center for cross disability. PDF Academy, apart from regular educating classes for disabled children is providing the counseling, guidance and resource information/equipment to the newly disabled due to some accident or disease. The PDF Academy provides its premises to facilitate the periodically organized courses on different skills of cross disability of Local, Provincial, National and international levels.

Together with cultural, recreational and extracurricular activities, The PDF academy arranged informative tours and visits for Teachers, Parents and Students. The training and education together with the related equipment its provided completely free of cost. So far Pick & drop to the disabled children and staff is provided free of cost throughout the year. The PDF has its own 32 seaters micro bus donated by the City Government of Karachi, however t6he fuel and maintenance costing Rs. 50,000 monthly, excluding salaries and accessories is an unbearable burden, deserves very special attention of the Donors and Supporters.

Due to its active educational and training involvement and activities, the academy is receiving meaningful attention of the GO’s and NGO’s including City Government Karachi who has generously provided annual grant as a considerable part of the budget to run the academy.

Along with the facilities of Computer Training, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Mobility Trainings, the specially designed section for Disabled Women to impart the training of Cooking, House Keeping, Sewing, Knitting and Flower Making etc. is also working as an integral part of academy.

During the current year due to successful Clinic of Physiotherapy in Karachi Abadi of Hijrat Colony, financially supported by PDF, the Physio Clinic and Homeo Clinic have also been started in academy to provide medical services to the children and members.

A number of important officials and dignitaries including Mr. Raees Jahangir Chairman National Council of Social Welfare. The Deputy Council General of Republic of Germany, Mr Watterdal of International Development Partnership, Ms Els from “Save the Children International”, and Dr. Nusrat of Remedial from Manchester University, Group of Agha Khan Health Institute and so on have visited and given admirable remarks on visitors book.
InshaAllah PDF academy will not only continue its ongoing services but enhance it to the maximum possible extent; however, it will require the meaningful financial and otherwise cooperation of the well-wishers and supporters of noble cause like yours.