Brief Report 2007-2008

A brief report of the activities of PDF 2007-2008

ALHAMDULILLAH, By the Grace of Almighty Allah and valuable support of the society here and abroad Pakistan Disabled Foundation has been devotedly attentive and active to its agenda for action throughout the year also like previous years. Apart from the already prepared comparatively detailed up-date of PDF for last 15 months, the following activities were carried-out during the period mentioned above.

To achieve its aims & objectives including socio-economic status with equal opportunities for the disabled persons in all walks of life, PDF was engaged all the time by providing & arranging advocacy, Training, Education, Rehabilitation & socially integrated programs.

In addition to our regular programs & services to support disabled students, widows & deserving disabled persons & their depending families including children by providing them scholarship, uniforms, books, equipments, monthly assistance, aid & small loans, sewing machines, cassettes, cassette recorders, mobility canes, wheel chairs, hearing aid & winter bedding to approximately 800 beneficiaries, comprising of deserving disabled persons & children throughout the country, PDF has provided direct and indirect support for 20 wedding ceremonies of disabled men & women or their children. As usual PDF has provided exclusive support comprising of cloths, ration & cash up to 2000 beneficiaries including their dependent during Ramzan whole year.

More than 450 Braille writing frames along with guide books, Abacus, Arithmetic slates and Braille Holy Quran were provided to the deserving students & trainees all over the country and Holy Quran in Braille were sent to different institutions, namely All India Confederation for the Blind of India, National Federation for the Blind, National Association of Disabled People Organization and Bangladesh National Society for the Blind of Bangladesh. Our permanent service of supply of equipment and aids on subsidize rates or free of cost continued through out the year by providing the Braille and Talking Wrist Watches for deserving Blind.  Likewise Talking Thermometers, Calculators, Talking Clocks and Self Threading In Needles were also given on the same basis.

Addition to that a training academy comprising of physiotherapy, speech therapy, computer literacy, home management and Braille is also running under the PDF. The trainees are provided all the training, equipment, and pick and drop free of cost. With the same sprit of scarification and dedication, Foundation is constantly diligent to achieve its goal with the support of the well-wishers and contributors around the society.

General Secretary
Pakistan Disabled Foundation