Brief Report 2009-2010

A brief report of the activities of PDF 2009-2010

ALHAMDULILLAH, By the Grace of Almighty Allah and valuable support of  well wisher like your good self within and out-side of the  country, Pakistan Disabled Foundation has been  constantly diligent towards the achievement of its full time agenda for the collective up-lift of the people with disabilities like previous years. PDF was engaged all the time by providing & arranging advocacy, Training, Education, Rehabilitation & socially integrated programs to achieve it  targeted goals.

In addition to our regular programs & services to support disabled students, widows & deserving disabled persons & their depending families by providing them scholarship, uniforms, books, equipments, monthly assistance, aid & small loans, sewing machines, cassettes, cassette recorders, mobility canes, wheel chairs, hearing aid & winter bedding to 1500 beneficiaries, comprising of deserving disabled persons &  their families throughout the country.

PDF has provided direct and indirect support for  fifteen wedding ceremonies of disabled men & women or their children. As usual PDF has provided exclusive support comprising of cloths, ration & cash up to 2600 beneficiaries including their dependent during the Ramdhan and whole of the year.

More than 240 Braille writing frames along with guide books, Abacus,  50Arithmetic slates, Braille Holy Quran were provided to the deserving students & trainees from whole of Pakistan  and specially in India for Muslim Students.38 Braille and Talking Wrist Watches for Blind were provided free of cost and subsidized rates for deserving blind. Likewise Talking Thermometers, Calculators, Talking Clocks, Self Threading Needles were also given on the same basis. PDF has continued to get transcribed & recorded books in Braille & on cassettes for blind persons.

Regarding advocacy, training and social integration PDF has arranged various programs including the Independence  day Celebration in August at PDF Academy, White Cane Safety Day, the international day of the blind was observed in befitting manner at Karachi.  Specially two days All Sindh Conference on Disability, which was graced by the Chief Minister’s nominated chief guest Dr. Mohan lal Minister for Minorities and the Vice Chancellor of the Sindh University.  On the occasion of International Day of Disabled Persons under UNO the press conference in Karachi was addressed by the leaders of PDF, high lighting the achievements, requirements and problems of disabled persons and also responsibility of the society including government and media. Program of the International Day of Disabled Persons on 3rd of December 2009 was graced by Haji Muzaffer Ali Shijra Minister  for Jail as the nominated chief guest by the Chief Minister of Sindh on his behalf, Senior Vice president  Pakistan Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries Mr. Mansha Chura and Ex- Hockey Olympian Sami Ullah of Pakistan custom have also grace the occasion.   On 12th of December Federal Minister of Social Welfare and Special Education Madam Samina Khalid Khurki  and all the four directors  of special education in Karachi together with Madam Nousheen Shahzad from the WAFA  Foundation  grace the special program in Hotel Perl Continental regarding International  Day of Disabled Persons. As matter of courtesy PDF has gracefully funded to the celebration of PAB’s golden Jubilees in Karachi (PAB Sindh in Hyderabad and Nawabshah).

On 3rd and 4th of March in collaboration with Ministry of Youth Affairs Sindh PDF and Youth jointly organize two days  workshop of disabled youth from all over the Sindh. All the expenses of the workshop were also equally shared.

A part from other programs on Seerat-un-Nabi and Pakistan Day three important gathering i.e. on 6th March in Karachi, On 23rd March in Abbottabad and 24th March in Islamabad were organized to grace the  above said occasion in a be fitting manner. Among other dignitaries Federal Secretary Zakat and Ushr, President Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Dr. Abdul Wahab, representatives of DGSE and other GO’s also grace the occasion. Priyer to that different competitions from all over the country were held and winners were given awards and prizes.

On the request of Muhammed Bin Qasim Welfare Complex of the Blind Multan, PDF has jointly organized five days national event on different competitions including cricket tournament at Multan from 15th to 18th April 2010. The twelve teams comprising of 200 blind and others participated in the event.

Vice-Consul Mr. Tsuyoshi Hikita visited PDF and its Academy on 27th of April, which was followed by a meeting of PDF Authorities with Mr. Hikita in his office on 14th of May 2010.

Chairman PDF upon invitation of Disabled Welfare Association graced the concluding ceremony of 6th wheel chair user national cricket tournament as a special guest and share with his views and financial support from PDF.

In the first week of June 2010, Chairman PDF  Mr. Memon during his visit   in Islamabad presided over the one day seminar on budget and other issues relating to disabled community, organized by PDF in collaboration with PDF Islamabad  on 9th of June.  During his  visit Mr. Memon met with Mr. Rais Mehboob Chairman National Council of MSocial Welfare, Federal Sectry of Zakat and Ushr Mr. Khalid Idrees, MD Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Mr. Zamurad and Director General of Special Education Mr. Prince Abbas Ali and  authorities of National Book Foundation  to discuss  the various issues of disabled community.

On 11th of June the Head of the Maddrasa Tun Noor of South Africa Mr. Hassan Marchie visited PDF Quaid-e-Azam Academy and had meetings with the chairman and Incharge of the academy Miss Shakila Yasmin.

Miss Shakila Yasmin Vice Chair of PDF and chairperson of women committee had a study  and administrative tour of Kuala Lumpur Malasia for two weeks.

Among others during the month of June PDF extended its educational cooperation to PAB Faisalabad and PAB Karachi.

On 30th June two weeks intensive course on sign language under the auspicious of PDF started in PDF Quaid-e-Academy which was graced by both GO’s and NGO’s.

Irrespective of other mentioned activities the regular training centre of PDF i.e. PDF Quaide Azam Academy for Disabled Persons comprising of skills training for disabled children and women  like speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Braille, Low Vision, home management and computer etc. Both training and pick/drop is provided to the trainees 100% free of cast.

All the programs and activities described before are entirely rum by the disabled themselves through the financial cooperation of the public donation and charity from the well-wishers and community components like yours one. Therefore you are sincerely requested to extend your financial support which will help us and enable us to continue and promote our services and program towards the betterment of disabled community. We shall be very thankful.

Thanking you,

General Secretary