Chairman PDF visit to Faisalabad, Jhang and Islamabad, Feb. 2016

Chairman visit to Faisalabad, Jhang and Islamabad
6th-12th February 2016

Immediate after his arrival Mr. Shahid Ahmed Memon Chairman Pakistan Disabled Foundation (PDF) had a meeting with the President and General Secretary of Al-Minar Centre of the Blind at breakfast which was followed by a visit to Al-Faisal Markaz where he also had a meeting with the office bearer of PAB Faisalabad.

Upon the request of office bearer of PAB Jhang Mr. Memon together with the office bearer of PAB Jhang left Faisalabad for Jhang. During the journey Mr. Memon had a detail meeting with office bearer of PAB Jhang which was followed by a visit newly allotted plot of two canal. The office bearer brief the construction plan to Mr. Memon and requested for the support and facilitation on behalf of PDF. Mr. Memon ensure every possible support and cooperation, initially he announce the immediate donation of Rs. 25000/-. He also visited the centre of the blind of of PAB Jhang Branch. It was really kind the office bearer of the PAB Jhang a companied Mr. Memon throughout the journey right from the Faisalabad to Jhang and back same evening.

In the morning of 7th February Mr. Memon arrived in Islamabad and chaired the meeting of the Quranic Braille Experts organized by Pakistan Disabled Foundation. Among others Qari Haroon, Mr. Abdul Mannan, Mr. Hashim, Mr. Shahid Rasheed participated in the meeting. In addition to other issues mainly revision of Quranic Braille Guide and Unified Braille Code for Quranic Braille was discussed and resolved with the proposal of a detail National Conference by involving all the concerned GO’S and NGO’s together with the experts.

On 8th morning of February Mr. Memon together with Ex-Director of Special Education Mr. Abdul Mannan attended a lunch reception hosted by the staff of National Braille Press where upon the request of the Manager of Braille Press to Pakistan Disabled Foundation Mr. Memon on behalf of PDF, handed over the donation of two scanners to facilitate the work of National Braille Press which was followed by the a meeting regarding the printing of Braille Holy Quran Project.

On Wednesday the 10th February Mr. Memon had a meeting with the Chairman of National Council of Social Welfare Mr. Chaudri Ahsan and had detail discussion on different matters of national nature relating to the disability issues. The Chairman NCSW was kind enough to assure all the possible coordination and facilitation to deal with the raising issues after the 18th amendment. In the same afternoon Mr. Memon had a meeting with the Joint Secretary of Federal Ministry of Commerce and discussed various issues regarding duty free vehicles with special reference to the simplification of the procedure and application of the same facility to the blind individual as well. .

On 11th morning of February as a matter of follow up Pakistan Disabled Foundation organized a meeting of the representative relating to the information technology for the blind to discuss the practical measures from the recommendations adopted in very first National Conference on Information Technology for the blind held in Karachi on 7th and 8th December 2015 in collaboration with the Pakistan Disabled Foundation. After a comprehensive discussion among the participants the meeting was concluded at the lunch hosted by PDF.

Finally Mr. Memon had a visit on the same afternoon to Mr. Khalid Bhatti place an eminent technologist in the field of blindness who is right now seriously ill and having constant medical treatment. Allah may keep him in good health. (Aameen)

On 12th morning of February 2016 Mr. Memon Chairman PDF left Islamabad for Karachi.

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