Chairman Visits to Emirates

The Chairman along with his guide visited Emirates from 11th December to 16th December 2013. On 11th December Mr. Memon visited Al-Noor in New Dubai, this center is run under the NGO with the handsome support of the society. There are 280 students comprising both male & female youth & adult, the classes below 13 under co-education & above that through separate classes. The almost all the students are either severe or minor mentally retarted. Obviously the vocational training together with computer’s was seemed impressive & practical one with a view to reduce the effect of disability & to make them comfortable to the maximum possible extend. All the trainees are day scholar, provided pick & drop, center has his own well designed building with considerably furnished. Prior to visit, during discussion with the authorities we were informed that the center is also facing the problem after the school duration & for that reason the authorities has made a permanent program of briefing & training of parents to help their children at home enabling them to keep themselves in doing their homework whatever suited to them.

On 12th Chairman PDF visited Emirates Association of Visually Impaired in Sharjah & had a discussion with Chairman Mr. Adel Al Zamar about the work been carried out by the Emirates Association of Visually Impaired entirely run open the societal donations, however Ameer-e-Dubai has been kind enough to give building for the purpose. A part from the organizational activities the training courses especially on computer & accessories on high level are arranged. Following to that Mr. Memon have a round to the center. The most Important & impressive item of the visit was the facility of ATM arranged with one of the Bank faciliting the Blind member & staff to use ATM for their bank account dealing. The visit was followed by a comprehensive meeting with one of the blind staff having extreme command on computer along with accessories for all the communication & coordination. Fortunately this young man Ahmed Kareem is a Pakistani Blind residing in Sharjah. Finally lunch was hosted in the honor of  Mr. Memon &his guide.  During the discussion Mr. Memon in his capacity as the Vice Chairman of IBQS briefed about the about the idea & formation of IBQS & asked to join the IBQS & contribute the role to promote the Braille Quran services on unified basis in the world where it is needed.

On 13th & 14th Mr. Memon busy with relative & friends because of holidays.

On 15th December Mr. Memon visited SNF in Karama, old Dubai. This is the center established by a group headed by Mrs. Bari having her own daughter mental cum hearing impaired like slow learner. This small center registered under the NGO having 38 students mostly slow learner & all the activities based  on the basis of same category. The main emphasis as described during the discussion by Mrs. Bari was to make these children & adult more & more practical as according to her these students neither can receive higher education nor they can utilize there education for practical reason, so emphasis was marely on treatment & low cost preferably domestic vocational training. The chairman PDF while introducing the PDF activities offered the school authorities support for introduction of services for visually impaired & hearing impaired together with installation of JAWS facility.

On 16th before his departure he had a meeting with the host friends & enjoyed the see off dinner.

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