Chairman’s Bio Data



1.    Chairman:          Pakistan Disabled Foundation (PDF)
2.    Vice President:    International Union of Braille Quran Services (IBQS)

Mr. Shahid Ahmed Memon who has been:

1.    Officer:  Executive Committee World Blind Union (WBU).
2.    President: Asian Blind Union (ABU).
3.    Member: Constitutional Committee World Blind Union.
4.    Member: Luis Braille Committee Paris.
5.    Member: Advisory Council Special Education University of Punjab.
6.    Member: Task Force ESCAP (Economic & Social Commission for Asia & Pacific) UNO.
7.    President: Pakistan Association of the Blind (PAB).
8.    Member: National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Government of Pakistan
9.    Member: Regional NGO Network Japan

Mr. Memon who was born on 14 February 1944 in Poona city of Maharashtra India, belonging to businessman com religious and political family. His grandfather Hajji Abdu Rahman was a well known businessman Chairman of the Municipal Committee i.e. Mayor of the town and Chairman of the Local Khilafat Committee. His father Hajji Sulaiman Poonawala was Chief Warden of Poona during the Second World War. Mr. Memon migrated to Pakistan in early 1951.


1.    M.A (Urdu)
2.    M.A (Islamic Studies)
3.    M.A (General History)
4.    Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
5.    Adeeb Fazil
6.    Certificate in Braille and other skills.(From Germany)


Lecturer in a local college in Karachi. An imminent social worker and educationalist that has started his carrier as a script writer of the school broadcast programme from Radio Pakistan and article to the news papers. In 1962 after qualifying the matriculation examination as a sighted student but a very low vision he joined the Adult Blind Centre because he could not continue further education as a sighted student due to his blindness.

Along with the Braille learning and vocational training he continued his education side by side and without in gape. In 1968 he obtained his first masters degree as the very first blind student of Karachi University. At the very young age during his training he started to work for the blind and led the student union in the institution and brought a lot of reforms for the blind which was whole heartedly acknowledged by the concerned and he was honoured by a very special and warm reception at the time of his departure from the institution in March 1966 A.D.

In1969, as mentioned above he started to write feature programme and article for radio and news papers. Due to his organizational work and social activities in 1972 he was elected Honorary General Secretary of the only national organization of the blind I.e. Pakistan Association of the Blind (PAB).He was repeatedly elected for the same post and serve the Association up to 1983.In the early 84 he was elected as the President of Pakistan Association of the blind (National) for three consecutive terms serve the blind community as the head of the Pakistan Association of the Blind for nine years. During his officer ship of the organization he established Sindh, NWFP and Baluchistan provincial branches along with establishment of district branches in interior of Sindh, Punjab and NWFP.

In 1973 he started his professional career as a school teacher and in 1978 a lot of prejudices and obstacles he was appointed as a lecturer.

In 1974 as a deputy leader of Pakistani delegation, he attended the second world convention of the International Federation of the Blind at Berlin Germany. On his way to Germany during the same visit on the invitation of National Organization for the Welfare of the Iranian Blind and Organization of the Turkish Blind he visited Iran and Turkey.
In 1978 he was the Chairman of the Expert Committee for the education of blind appointed by the Federal Ministry of Education. In October and November 1978 he attended the Asian executive Committees meeting of International Federation of Blind and world council for the welfare of the blind in New Delhi and Hong Kong where he presented papers also.
In 1979, as a Pakistani Delegate, he attended the third world convention of International Federation of the Blind and fifth general assembly of the world council for the welfare of blind at Antwarp Belgium.  During the same tour, he visited Royal National Institute for the Blind in London and discussed the important matters of supply of equipments for the blind of Pakistan.

In February 1981he was nominated by the Pakistan Association of the Blind on the invitation of five aid giving agencies of West Germany for the five weeks equipments study tour. In late 1981, at Colombo, Sri Lanka Mr. Memon presented a paper in the meeting of the Asian Federation of the Blind. In 1983 in Singapore he attended the seminar and presented the paper in the joint meeting of ISB, WCWB and Swedish Federation of the visually handicapped Persons. In 1984 at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the leader of Pakistani delegation, he attended the foundering general assembly of World Blind Union and has been elected on its first executive board. As one of the founder member of disabled person’s federation of Pakistan he was nominated to attend the World Congress of the Disabled Persons International in September 1985 at NASAO, The Bahamas. In January 1986 he attended the meeting of the Asian Blind Union at New Delhi in 1986 he attended the executive meeting of World Blind Union in New York. On his way to New York he had meeting with Head of International Council for the education of blind and leaders of the Christophal Blinden Mission in Germany.

He was the member of the Luis Braille Memorial Committee attended its meeting at Paris during the same visit on his way back to home he has discussion in London with experts  of field from Royal National Institute for the Blind. In August 1987, he attended the 8th  International Conference for the education of visually handicapped held in Germany he also visited New York and London to see the LFB of Baltimore USA and Braille House London UK

In August 1988he represented Pakistan in Asian Conference at Bangkok in early September 88 he attended the meeting on Luis Braille in Paris. While in the third week of September 88 as the head of Pakistani delegation.  He attended the second general assembly and meeting of executive committee of World Blind Union at Madrid Spain. He also visited the Royal National College Harry fort and school for the blind Hoster in UK and had a useful discussion with them as far as information and future co-operation was concern. During the same visit in 1988 in Norway he visited some of the important institutions and organizational components of Norwegin Association of the blind and Partially Sighted.

In January 1989 he was elected as Vice President of Asian Blind Union in the same year as the member of International Blind Sports Association he attended the general assembly of the Association in Phormia, Italy and some of the institutions responsible for the sports and Lei    sure activities in UK. During the same tour on the invitation of Netherland and Organization of Blind he visited Amsterdam to see the activities for the blind in July 1989 he attended the meeting of the office bearers of Asian Blind Union in Bombay India. He also visited the training complex of blind men association of Ahmadabad India. In 1990 in his capacity as the member of the constitutional committee of WBU he attended the first meeting in Copenhagen.

In March 1990 he attended the meeting of the executive committee of WBU in Warsaw Poland. In 1991 along with the national activities he visited the Perkin School for the Blind Boston and had a discussion with concern authorities over there. He also visited National Federation of the Blind USA in Baltimore on the invitation of the head of the organization.
In June 1991, he attended the second meeting of the constitutional Committee of WBU in USA and also visited the Light House School for the Blind Chicago and Mary land School for the Blind USA. During the same visit he had meeting with Mr. Din ken Watson President of World Blind Union London and visited Royal Institute for the Blind Cardiff UK.
In December 1991 he attended the World Congress on Technology at Washington USA and presented the Paper on the situation of technology for visually handicapped in developing world. He also visited some of the institutions particularly dealing computer for the blind in different parts of USA. Along with that he has been able to visited Library of Congress and United Nations Head Quarter along with other important places.
In 1991 he was declared spokesmen and sole representative of the country for the Paralympics held in September 1992at Barcelona Spain. As chief D-mission he headed the Pakistani delegation to participate in 9th Paralympics held in Barcelona Spain and visited the Mosque Cordova.

In November 1992 in his capacity as the member of the World Blind Union and as the head of the six member Pakistani delegation he participated in the general assembly o of WBU in Cairo Egypt. In the meeting of the constitutional and executive committee of WBU he took part in the election. In the same gathering he was elected unanimously as President of Asian Blind Union for next four years and Officer of the World Blind Union for next four years.

In April 1993, he attended officer meeting of WBU in Hong Kong and visited Singapore and Thailand on invitation of the international Organization of respective countries. In September 1993 he presented address of welcome on behalf of persons with disabilities in the SAARC Nations conference on disability held in Karachi. In October 1993 at Nairobi Kenya he attended the meeting of the executive of WBU. In December 1993 he was nominated as one of the member of Pakistani delegation of the SAARC Ministerial Conference held in Islamabad. In early January 1994 he presided over the Asian Conference on work for blind and meeting of the Asian Blind Union held in Karachi.
In late January 94 he attended the executive meeting of WBU in Melbourne Australia during the same visit he was invited by the Singapore Association of the Blind as a special guest to address inaugural gathering of a national seminar on techniques for the blind In April 94 he attended the meeting of ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission of Asia and Pacific) UNO at Bangkok in his capacity as the member of task force of ESCAP with special reference to the decade of disabled persons.

He also visited Bangladesh and had several meetings with higher governmental authorities, experts of the field and officers of the National Federation of the Blind Bangladesh. In July 1994, he attended the regional conference of the disabled persons in Manila organized by the Regional Network of Japan.

During same tour on a special invitation Mr. Memon visited Malaysia and Sri Lanka and has attended different meetings and gathering where he had useful discussion with special reference to be mutual understanding.

In early September 94 he attended the meeting of European Blind Union (EBU) along with meeting of European Commission of the Blind for Aid to the developing countries in Oslo Norway as specially invited guest. In late September 94 he attended the officers meeting of WBU in Amman Jordan. In December 1994 Mr. Memon in his capacity as the member of the executive of regional network for the disabled persons attended its meeting and international conference on rehabilitation or Japan along with meeting JICA Authorities in Tokyo and Nagoya.

He also visited number of institutions for the disabled and talk with concern authorities in Beijing China. After visiting Hong Kong where he negotiated equipments for the blind on his way back to home in December 94 he had a very useful discussion with the ESCAP Authority at zonel head quarter of UNO in Bangkok.

In early 1995, Mr Memon was awarded “pride of performance” for his outstanding services at national and international levels.

In March 1995 he attended the work shop on rehabilitation for the handicapped and meeting of the experts organized by the International Labour Organization respectively at Lahore and Islamabad. In April 1995 he attended the officer meeting in Karakas Venezuela. He also visited USA and Canada to gain the maximum possible knowledge and to acquire Braille computer printer and other related devices for the Pakistani blind successfully. He was also interviewed by the representative of Voice of America in Washington.

During his first term as the President of Asian Blind Union he got established Afghanistan Association of the Blind, Nepal Association of the Blind and Mania mar i.e. Burma Association of the Blind and had several meetings with leaders and authorities at Kathmandu and Rangoon.

He was the member of National Council of Social Welfare and member of the National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (Government of Pakistan).

During his officer ship he has work on a number of national, provincial and local committee and attended numbers of seminars, conventions, conferences, workshops and meetings and presented papers. He was the Chairman of managing committee of Braille Press run by the national Book Foundation under federal Ministry of Education. As the member of the national Braille committee he was assigned to compile Urdu Braille guide which dully acknowledged.

He has been editor of only Urdu Braille magazine Deda-e-Dill” printed in Braille. Beside his organizational and professional activities he has been engaged in research work of “Urdu as a medium of instructions.

Including other awards and certificates. He was awarded “first Abdullah Ibn-e-um-e-Maktoom” gold meddle awarded by the Pakistan Association of the Blind during 1987.During 1988 Mr. Memon was declared as the “scholar of the year” by the Pakistan Memon Jamaat and awarded gold meddle.

In July 1996 he was again elected unanimously as the President of Asian Blind Union during the general assembly in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

In August 1996 Mr. Memon attended the world assembly of WBU in Toronto Canada and presented paper on UNO agencies role for the disabled persons with special reference to the developing countries.

Along with routine responsibilities as the national and international levels Mr. Memon attended the annual campaign and international rehabilitation world congress to observe the decade of disabled persons along with regional network (RNN) board meeting and general assembly held in Auckland New Zealand in late 1996.

In March 1997 on behalf of ABU Mr. Memon hosted the WBU officers meeting in Sri lanka in June 1997 Mr. Memon presided over the board meeting of ABU and Asian Conference work for the blind at Nepal and attended the annual campaign to observe to the decade of disabled persons in Seoul Korea. He visited number of institutions including the Korean Federation of the Blind and negotiated co-operation with the President and the leader of the organization. In October 97 Mr. Memon visited the UNESCO head quarter in Paris to discuss the related issues with the in-charge concern. He also attended the executive and officers meeting in Casablanca Morocco of WBU.

In December 1997 Mr. Memon visited Indonesia and Bangladesh in connection with the organizational arrangements and future planning.

In February 1998 Mr. Memon retired voluntarily from the post of officer of WBU and President of ABU, due to the extra ordinary domestic assignments, engagement and organizational differences. However in July 1998 he founded the Pakistan Disabled Foundation and was elected founder chairman of it.

In 1998-1999 in his capacity as the Chairman of Pakistan Disabled Foundation and the Member of the National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (NCRDP) Govt of Pakistan he has been extremely busy with the affairs of disabled persons with GO’s and NGO’s.

He conducted specialised courses on techniques for visually handicapped he attended several meetings and programmes for the training and rehabilitation of disabled persons.
In July 2000 Mr. Memon attended the convention of the blind at Atlanta USA and had a very useful meeting with the authorities of various institutions and organizations and different parts of USA including National Library of Congress Washington.

Mr. Memon was given “millennium award of 2000” by the Ministry of Women Development, Social Welfare and Special Education Govt of Pakistan.

Along with the continuation of  the regular  activities with GO’s and NGO’s in December 2000 he attended the annual campaign to observe Asian Pacific decade of   the disabled persons held in zonel head quarter of UNO Bangkok where  he attended the general assembly  RNN also.

A part from his country wide many fold activities under the Pakistan Disabled Foundation in 2003. Mr. Memon visited Bangladesh upon the invitation of National Organizations of Bangladesh of the blind and disabled persons. During his visited, he had several meetings and visited different institutions and organizations of and for the blind and disabled persons which was followed by a donation of equipments and The Holy Quran in Braille as a gesture of co-operation from Pakistan to Bangladesh.

In December 2004, from the invitation of Madrasa-tun-Noor of South Africa, Mr. Memon attended the graduation ceremony and addressed the gathering which was followed by different meetings in different parts of the country. As a result of which three young blind from Pakistan were selected for three years study course in South Africa.

In his capacity as the Chairman of advisory of Disabled Persons International Pakistan (DPIP) C.B.SHOD i.e. Capacity Building Self Help Organization of Disabled Persons conducted several meetings finalise the selection of the participants as the Chairman of sub committee for selection. He presented address of welcome on behalf of “people with disabilities” of Pakistan to the Chief Guest i.e. Prim Minister of Pakistan and other honoured guests in the international event of twenty six countries held in Islamabad in September 2005. The same year Mr. Memon was awarded shield as volunteer of the year on the occasion of UN International Day for Volunteers by local committee.

In July 2006, Mr. Memon headed the delegation of Pakistan Disabled Foundation to attend the 12th general assembly of “ICEVI” International Council for the Education of Visually Impaired held in Malaysia where together with his delegation Mr. Memon had several meetings with the senior leaders in the field of blindness and had fruitful discussions and bilateral understanding.

Upon the invitation of South Asia UNESCO Mr. Memon attended the regional conference in November 2006 at New Delhi India. In early December 2006, Mr. Memon attended two  international  conferences in Amsterdam and Tanakh Netherlands on invitation of Dutch Collation on Disability Development. During the above said conference Mr. Memon discussed the possibilities of bilateral cooperation with the participating agencies from Asia, Europe and Africa.

In 2007, a part from his routine responsibilities, meetings and gathering he was extremely busy in the observance, activities of Pakistan Disabled Foundation’s tenth anniversary including three days international conference at Al-humra Lahore and different meetings with the leadership and experts of international agencies like IDP and Save the Children etc.

In early 2008, he attended Asia and Pacific International Conference of 36 countries along with international related organization in Dacca Bangladesh.

Mr. Memon presided over the Inaugural and Concluding Ceremonies of three weeks International Courses held in June at PAB Multan under the Pakistan Disabled Foundation.

In mid 2008 due to the invitation from School of Law University of Washington Seattle, Mr. Memon submitted paper and visited different institutions in USA including National Federation of the Blind Baltimore. During his stay the Voice of America also interviewed him on disability issues. He had an important meeting with the Head of the Law School of Washington University and Executive Director of Human Rights Commissions of Washington State

In October 2008, on the White Cane Safety day Mr. Memon presented paper, presided over the session and summaries the three days conference on UN Convention and Louise Braille Ceremony organized by Pakistan Association of the Blind in Islamabad.

In November 2008 Mr. Memon attended two days workshop on National  Policy for Disabled Persons and National Plan of Action, organized by National Planning Commission of Pakistan.

In 2009 and 2010, he continued his national and international responsibilities and activities by acknowledging the invitation of international community in the field of disability.

In October 2011, in his capacity as the member of disabled persons international (DPI) and chairman of PDF he attended the world general assembly of DPI in Durbin South Africa. During his stay in South Africa he was invited to visit the Cedara Foundation and School for the Blind in Peter Maris Burg. He was also invited Il-Imdaad Foundation of South Africa.

In March 2012, Mr. Memon met with the delegation of Pakistan Disabled Foundation in an International Conference in a technology conference organized by California University in San Diego USA. He was invited to join the follow up technology conference held at Frankfurt in May 2012.

In pursuance of the above said conference Mr. Memon organized first national conference on technology for disabled persons in Pakistan with the collaboration of University of Management and Technology Lahore. In late 2012 and early 2013, on behalf of Pakistan Disabled Foundation Mr. Memon Introduced Global Disability Rights Library and Smart Brailler in the first time of Pakistan History.

In that way by the grace of Almighty Allah his march towards the achievements of prime goals of socio economic and otherwise status for the disabled community of country, region and world of course is continuously going on.

During his world wide travelling carrier he met a lot of top most dignitaries of the world including General Zia-ul-Haq, Moulana Abul Ola Moududi, Prince Agha Khan, General Suharto President of Indonesia, General Ramos President of Philippine, Mrs. Bandra Naeike Prime Minister and Madam Kumara Tonga President of Sri Lanka, Murar G Dasaei Prime Minister of India, Share Bahadur Duwa Prime Minister of Nepal, Princess Ashraf of Iran and others.

World famous places visited by Mr. Memon;

Along with the Harman-e-Sharifain and associated ziyaratt , Mr. Memon also visited Sultan-e-Aulia Mosque and shrine of Hazrat Abu Ayoub Ansari in Istanbul, Golta Bridge of Istanbul, Ata Turk Tomb in Ankara, Jamea Alazher, Pyramids of Egypt and River Nile in Cairo Egypt, Hassan Mosque in Casablanca that is third largest then Harmain Shareefain, Vatican City, Saint Peters Church UNO’s head quarter New York(repeatedly), CIEs Tower of Chicago (The tallest building of the world), World Trade Centre, Empire State, Statue of Liberty in New York and Library of Congress and  Abraham Lincoln Monument in Washington beside White House, USA’s Flag Ceremonial in Baltimore, Boston University USA,    Michigan Lake of Chicago USA,    Bahadur Shah Zafar shrine in Rangoon, Cordova Mosque of Spain, Haroon-ur-Rasheed Mosque of Paris,  Luis Braille Museum and Eiffel Tower in Paris,  King Faisal Mosque of London and Washington, British Library of London, Madam Tasao Museum in London, Royal National College of Harry fort UK,  Height Park and Regent Park in London,  UK Islamic Mission, Islamic Circle of North America(ICNA), NewYark, Islamic Centre of Copenhagen and Tevoli of Copenhagen in Denmark, Islamic Centre of Oslo Norway, Warsaw’s Famous Fort of second world war, Candy historical place (English capital of Sri Lanka), Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka,  World Olympic of Barcelona,  Wall of Berlin, Goethe birth place in Germany, Afeer Iqbal in Heidelberg and Technical University of Berlin  Germany,  Borom famous fort of second world war in Germany near France boarder, River Rayne, Colon Famous Cathedral of Germany, 17 Museum including Open Air in Antwerp Belgium, Imam Razz’s Religious Educational Complex in Mashhad, Library of Firdausi (an imminent poet) and Nadir Shah’s Shrine in Mashhad Jama Mosque Delhi, Red Fort of Delhi, Qutob Meenar, Ashoka Lat, Taj Mahel, BindraBun and Mathura (holy places of Hindus), Saleem Chushtees In, Nahro Kamla Park and Hanging Garden of Bombay, Dada Bhai Noroji birth place in Nosari Gujarat India, Gandhi’s Memorial in Seurat India, Santosha, Night Safari, and Singapore River in Singapore, Twin Tower of Malaysia, Niagara fall of Toronto Canada, Monkey Temple of Nepal, Lal Bagh Qila of Dacca    and most of the important places in the world.