Observance of International Day of the Women

Observance of International Day of the Women
Under the women committee of Pakistan Disabled Foundation
headed by Miss Shakila Yasmin

ALHAMDULILLAH by the grace of Al-Mighty ALLAH and teaching of the Islam in the light of the life of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W was observed by arranging one day seminar at PDF Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Disabled Person Naseerabad, Federal B. Area Karachi. The program was started from the recitation of holy Quran by Miss Asma Abdul Haq. Miss Urooj grace the occasion by presenting inspiring Naat. The Incharge of the women committee Miss Shakila Yasmin high lighted the various aspect of the program to be covered during the seminar and also emphasis the need of self activation towards their societal status and role. The seminar was jointly chaired by Madam Suria Usmani (rtd) Professor and Pro. Dr. Farzana Suleman. Among others Prof. Najma Ghori, Madam Nasreen, Dr. Humaira Aziz and Dr. Saira Saleem from University of Karachi, Prof. Azra Ather treasurer PDF were the main speakers who shared with their knowledge and experiences in the light of the over all situation of the disabled women, their problems, requirement and strong feeling about the society and especially about the un-attended responsibility of GO’s with special reference to the women development Ministry. The main issue in our own society because of the cultural and customary boundaries disabled women specially need the facilitation of their mobility which require special arrangement of transportation and a company of a guide in many cases. This problem needs constitutional and legal measures with legal protection to ensure the accessibility of the transport facility by law.

Madam Suria Usmani as the pioneer in the field of disabled women discuss the hard ship faced by her self through out her career as the student of normal college, a head and during the job career. Dr. Farzana Suleman who obtained first PhD. Degree categorically define the importance, status and privileges given to women in the Islamic society by the Islam and by the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him exercise in his whole life and practiced by the leading ladies of Islamic age. She specially emphasis the fact that if we go through and observe the Islamic system of life we will gladly find the every day of life is the day of women to perform her role as the main builder of the nation.

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