Participation of PDF Delegation in Different Events in USA, June 2015

Participation of PDF Delegation in Different Events in USA
31st May to 23rd June 2015

Upon the invitation of Perkins School for the Blind Headed by Chairman Pakistan Disabled Foundation attended short training course on Smart Brailler the most modern technology having provision for blind people to attempt the examination paper independently with out the help of writer. Apart from training other related matters including request to insert the Urdu Software in Smart Brailler.

The delegation also had a very successful meeting in West Ford Boston with the President of Duxbury and his colleagues at the Head Quarter of Duxbury to discuss the means and ways by under taking the practical reason in to consideration about the development of Urdu Software and off-course other provincial languages.

The delegation in Baltimore had also visited the Head Quarter of Nation al Federation of the Blind while in Washington the members of the delegation were interviewed by the Voice of America TV.

In Chicago the delegation, A part from other activities visited the Light House School for the Blind with special reference to income generating programs. The members of the delegation were interviewed by the voice of America Urdu radio Program.

In Dallas together with other programs of interest the members of the delegation visited the Centre of American Foundation for the blind. The members of the delegation was also invited to be the guest in FunAsia local radio channel. The delegation was also given the reception by the Urdu Ghar of Dallas.

In New York together with several meetings with the friends in the field of interest and colleagues. The Chairman PDF was interviewed by an American English Channel live broadcast through out the America. The members of the delegation tried to motivate and negotiate the needed modern technology with the Pakistani Community to promote technology based modern education, training and rehabilitation for the disabled community in Pakistan.

The female member of the delegation like Miss Shakila Yasmin and Mrs. Shahnaz Asif availed the benefit amongst the female community to project the disabled women of Pakistan as a equally productive both as working women and domestic one.

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