PDF seminar on situation due to the abolishment of Federal Ministries, July 23rd July 2011

Among other ministries the Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education was also dissolved, as a result of which several issues and problems of national/federal  nature  raised number of question to be responded by taking necessary measures including umbrella authority to provide legal and other-wise protection.

PDF, an active advocacy organization of disabled themselves, immediately, has taken practical step by arranging press conference followed by the seminar to get the media concerned organization both GO’s and NGO’s fully awared of the situation and importance of remedial action like establishment of National Authority on Disability Issues and protection of status of national institutes like National Trust for Disabled Persons, National Braille Press, National Library, National Council of Social Welfare, NCRDP, National Institute of Special Education, National Institute of Child Development and Pakistan Baitulmal.

The above said seminar which was held on 23rd July 2011 was meaningfully graced by the secretary concerned Mr. CAAD Junaid Iqbal Chaudri as the chief guest while the joint secretary Mr. Lateef Laghari, Director General of Special Education Mr. Mustefain Kazmi and others officials who also graced the seminar were fully briefed about the team and importance of the seminar prior to the seminar during seprate meetings of the PDF Chief with all above mentioned dignitaries. The seminar was farely attended by the representatives of disabled themselves and social workers including Madam Arifa Shamsha and media representatives.

Prior to the seminar a big news conference was addressed by the leaders of Pakistan Disabled Foundation to brief the media about the post situation due to the radical abolishment of the Ministry. The press conference and seminar which was alarming need of the time was highly covered by the media.

Visit of the leaders of PDF to Islamabad and other places from 19th to 27th July 2011.
To organized and attend the seminar of 23rd July 2011 (organized by PDF) a delegation comprising of five members Headed by the PDF Chief left Karachi for Islamabad on 19th July the delegation had a meeting on the way in Faisalabad with the office the authorities of Al-Minar Centre for the Blind, on 21st & 22nd the PDF Chairman & Vice Chairperson & Gen. Sec. of PDF Islamabad had organizational meetings in the Ministry of Railway, Ministry of Industries, National Book Foundation, National Council of Social Welfare & took part in the course on Braille literacy organized by the in collaboration with Pakistan Disabled Foundation in NTCSP.

The PDF chief togehher with Mr. Khalid Bhatti had a separate meeting with Secretary CADD & Joint Secretary CADD & Director General Special Education, on 23rd the delegation attended the one day seminar & news conference organized by Pakistan Disabled Foundation in  Hotel Islamabad.

On 24th morning the delegation arrived in Dera Ghazi Khan to deal with the remaining & pending cases of flood effectives from Dera Ghazi Khan & Rajan Pur. On 25th evening delegation arrived in Multan at Muhammad Bin Qasim Centre fro the Blind & had meetings with concerned. On 26th July the delegation visited Bahawalpur School for the Blind, Braille Press of Govt. of Punjab & had a detail meeting with the Manager of the Braille Press authorities & teacher of the school & representatives of different organization, which was followed by hosted lunch.

The delegation also had a meeting with Prof. Hadi Hasan Al-Noor Institute for the Blind Bahawalpur who also hosted dinner in the Honor of delegation. On the way to Karachi on 27t the delegation visited under construction project building of Nosherow Feroz & back to Karachi on 27th evening.

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