Kashmir Conference 2009

Two Days National Conference at Bagh Kashmir
On disability issue
15th and
16th June 2009
Pakistan Disabled Foundation

On request of Kashmirees organizations for disabled persons, Pakistan Disabled Foundation organized two days national conference on disability issue in Bagh Kashmir on 15th and 16th of June 2009. The following recommendations were proposed and adopted unanimously.

  1. Keeping in view the extra ordinary distraction due to the earthquake, a large number of people became partly or savior handicapped, deserve special attention and practical action towards their training education and rehabilitation as such conference proposed:
    1. Training cum rehabilitation centres be established under the government in collaboration with Kashmir Council in every town specially in adversely effected areas.
    2. Employment ordinance special ordinance covering quota is strictly enforce in All Jammu and Kashmir territory in Pakistan.
    3. Free of cost and low cost daily living, educational and rehabilitational equipment supply centre may be established to facilitate the mobility, training, education and rehabilitation.
    4. Under accessibility, the emergency relief task in disastrous area be carried out to remove obstacles and hindrances effecting smooth transportation and mobility.
    5. Authority on disability issue may be appointed to ensure effective implementation and to avoid misinterpretation and ambiguities.
    6. Involvement of experienced disabled representative be ensure in planning, implementation and monitoring.
  2. The classified directory of skilled and un-skilled disabled persons be prepared under the ministry concerned.
  3. The arrangements and facilities, available to the disabled persons else where in Pakistan be provided in Kashmir also.
  4. The relief measures in remote areas are still not in reached as such special attention and arrangement be made to remove the consequences of earthquake.
  5. The recommendations made by the Pakistan Disabled Foundation in its various gathering are also endorse with a view to enforced them in AJK as and when considered applicable including special recommendation in favor of disabled women.

Prof. Majida Nasir
General Secretary