Women Conference 2009

Recommendation of two days disabled women conference 18th and 19th June 2009 at Islamabad

  1. By following the City District Government Karachi all the City Governments in the country are urged upon to make provision in their Policies, Programs and Budget Allocations together with the establishment of Community cum Resource Centers for Disabled Women with the collaboration of ministries concerned and local bodies.
  1. The Women Development Ministry must discontinue its discriminative policy of segregating disabled women and should consider the Disabled Women as integral part of the society and ensure provision and funding for them as an equal partner and component of the society.
  1. To improve the situation of employment of disabled women special instructions may be issued to the female educational and training schools and institutions with special favor.
  1. Marriage of the disabled woman has been acute problem be taken into active consideration because  inspite of higher education and training most of the disabled women couldn’t succeeded to get marry with a normal person. Even disabled woman prefer to marry with abled bodies. As such it is recommended to have a marriage bureau in proposed centers for disabled women and marriage committees in organization like Pakistan Disabled Foundation. In this regard some sort of incentive may be given in employment facilities.
  1. it is once again strongly recommended to merge the Ministry of Special Education into the Ministry of Education to avoid duplication & double standard.
  2. The Government Authorities & Cabinet division are requested to realize the need of coordination and liaison between the ministries and departments regarding the disability issues to take serious step to develop lawful mechanism for effective arrangements in concerned ministries and departments through the Patronization of Cabinet division.
  3. To remove the difficulties and obstacles regarding the smooth and satisfactory procedure of Examination for Disabled Community specially Visually Impaired, the Inter University and Board’s Committee in consultation with the concerned groups, may developed amicably applicable system to avoid unrest of the concerned.
  4. Concessions in air and rail journey presently available to the blind persons may be extended to persons with other disabilities also, and procedure may be simplified. Furthermore the procedure of receiving concession every time from commercial office is really troublesome both financially and otherwise moreover Railway has no commercial offices in all the Towns, as such the Blind Citizens of those Towns and Cities can not avail the facility so alternate arrangement be made to avoid injustice.
  5. To cater the need of Equipment for Daily Life, Training, Education and Rehabilitation of the Disabled Persons, the Government of Pakistan patronize exercise the arrangement of supply of equipment by establishing largely required Equipment Bank with the support of International Aid Giving Agencies including World Bank together with the share of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall.
  1. Keeping in mind the significant role of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall, it is urged upon to reconsider the existing policy and procedure which is not applicable practically to the deserving individuals and institutions of the disabled themselves. The policy may be revised on the basis of realities on the ground, in consultation with the representatives of the consumers and self help moments who are also part of the nation.
  1. The experts of the sign language preferably appointed and posted at all the public places including social and educational institutions.
  1. The national authority on disability comprising   of parliamentarians, representatives of self help moment of disabled persons and may be lawyers be appointed to review the situation time to time or to consider the matter referred to it when ever it is needed.
  1. To cater the individual need of each province according to its curricula the Braille presses be established in all the provinces and for the  time being existing Braille presses may be brought into co-ordination and umbrella system to avoid the duplication and to fulfill the requirements of all four provinces centrally controlled area. For this reason the high powered government authority may develop and impose consultative liaison and proper supervision.
  1. In the light of very successful experience and subsequent practice of introduction of Braille as an optional subject in ordinary schools and colleges of Karachi, It is strongly recommended to introduce the Braille subject as an optional subject in all the four provinces through boards of education and universities so that purpose of inclusion main streaming and employment of the visually impaired be comfortably solved.
  1. It was noticed that the blind teachers, instructors and Braille proofreaders are not normally promoted or not receive subsequent scales as well, because of their blindness. As such it is strongly recommended that discrimination in any case should not be practiced but it should be avoided by providing equal status and equal opportunity to all the teachers including blind and other handicapped.
  1. The existing Braille Library and Resource Centre + Talking Book Service should work under the specialized committee comprising of experts of the field including representative from self help moment to avoid the previous lacking and discrepancies regarding  talking book service specially.
  1. The National trust for disabled persons may be functional in accordance with its determined aims and objectives so that the benefits of the education of the disabled children may be ensured. For these reason involvements of the representative of the disabled persons may also be involved at implementation and monitoring level.
  1. Disabled Persons (NCRDP) towards the education and   training of the disabled it is strongly recommended that the NCRDP may be activated in accordance with the approved policy,  rules and regulations and the decisions may be implemented accordingly. The National Identity card specially as the assignment of the NCRDP may be full filled without any delay.
  1. The components of the education of disabled children may be restored   and activated under the National Commission for Child Development as it was happening as it has been part of the commission at the time of establishment.
  1. With reference to the affairs of the disabled and specially education and training of the disabled persons all the ministries, departments, commissions and units like that may be brought into main streaming so that co-ordination and understanding may be ensured which is essential for the disabled persons to enjoy their rights and privileges in all sectors of life without any discrimination, prejudices and confinements  to implement this recommendation  The President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Parliament of Pakistan, Judiciary of Pakistan, and Cabinet Division are requested to play their role and responsibilities as per executive, legal and procedural  requirement of the situation so that the main objective of the social integration and inclusion may be achieve as it has been emphasized by the Honorable Prime Minister in his message specially given for the three days conference on special education.
  1. The introduction of inclusion and enabling education in Pakistan by International Aid Program and EE Network through the Ministry of education is encouraging and appreciable and deserves serious attention and cooperation of all the concern responsible authorities in the light of the same it is further recommended that by introducing inclusive education the promotion and up grading segregated institution may be discouraged both by the organizers and consumers of the services.
  1. The inclusion of competent and deserving disabled teachers, students and trainees may be male or female be ensured for training abroad and for the delegation to take part in meetings on behalf of Ministry or DGSE within the country or without country. It was seriously noted that in recent meeting on education of visually impaired held in Malaysia under the ICEVI ((International Council for the Education of Visually Impaired) no blind leader or expert of the field has been included in a big delegation taken part in the said conference. As such conference is of the opinion that right and privileges of due the Ministry should ensure representation of the disabled persons, DGSE and others related educational training units.
  1. It is appreciated that the Baluchistan Government as established disabled complex for the education and training of disabled persons under one roof in Quetta, however in during several years no school com training Centre in others parts specially in remote parts of the province has been established as such it is recommended to establish basic education-com training institute/Centre may be establish in others part of the province.
  1. Keeping in view the poor and in active situation of special education having no counseling and monitoring under the Ministry of Education and specially no contribution in Karachi towards the special education under the Ministry of Education Sindh, deserves serious attention and subsequent action of the top most authorities of the province like Governor and Chief Minister of Sindh for remedial steps.
  1. At public place reserved parking for disabled persons be fixed at the nearest.
  1. In large buses provision for wheel chairs may be made and where possible.
  2. Facility of manual lifter I made available.

Prof. Majida Nasir
General Secretary