Recommendation 2013

Adopted Recommendations by PDF and Collaborating agencies for consideration and Necessary action by all the Authorities and Sectors involve their in as a Matter of Responsibility

  1. It is strongly recommended  that to establish higher powered national authority on disability issues   To deal with all the related matters  in a patronize position To ensure required coordination/ lesion, to cover  super vision and monitoring, for clarification and interpretation as and when referred or required and to ensure the regard for all the Federal and International decisions, advices and directives adopted as a part of national policy at all levels to bring all the GO’s and NGO’s at the Federal ,Provincial and district level in line with the national requirements  and responsibilities.
  2. The required coordination and exchange of information/ assistive record may be ensured legally amongst the funding agencies like Pakistan Baitulmal, Zakat Fund etc to avoid duplication and un-desirable distribution of available resources. Further more ten percent allocation as per population ratio may be allocated exclusively for the disabled community with the inclusion of disabled representatives regarding consultation, implementation and monitoring to make economical and to maintain justice. In addition to that the effective provision to control the political influence especially at lower and rural level may be ensured. More over like the appointment of election commissioner or NAB Chairman, the authority responsible for the distribution of funds at least at the provincial level may be appointed with the consultation of apposition and experts of the field.
  3. The women development, youth ministry and others should ensured the ten percent provision in their programs, projects and schemes for the disabled community effectively as the equal part of the society even required as per UN Convention on disability.
  4. Both during the interview for job appointment or any selection also during the finalization of scheme and projects qualified experts of the field preferably disabled themselves may be appointed for required expert opinion.
  5. At the time of selections of trainees, delegates and scholarship especially for a broad program the qualified and competent disabled particularly in their respective field should be preferred to be included.
  6. It is very obvious and common to under stand that as the result of any disaster disabled  persons and their families are equally affected and deserve equal relief but  as per bitter experience and knowledge  that there is neither any provision nor any consideration for affected disabled persons rather deliberate negligence. As such it is suggested to make. Ensure the equal and accessible provision for affected disabled persons and their families. With involvement and monitoring of respective recognize disabled leadership.
  7. Regarding strict implementation of two percent quota, effective directives ensuring remedial action may be issued as soon as possible to control the un-justified attitude of the authorities by   creating misinterpretation and confusion as and when they found necessary in their own interest, resulting in to deception and victimizations of deserving disabled persons..In this regard proper magnesium to collect information with counter cheque may be introduce with legal protection to facilitate the affected disabled persons to receive justice,
  8. The un-desirable situation of existing Braille presses, it is strongly recommended to bring all the Braille Presses under one controlling roof like authorized national committee or other wise to avoid the duplication, to make the maximum justified utilization of the available resources, provide proper distribution of work covering the verified need from the provinces and to control the supply of books equally as per national policy. Like wise preparation of artificial lymph may be under one roof to control the distribution of work as per need and available resources and to ensure the justified supply in every part of the country.
  9. The media situation regarding disabled community is not to that but  the given share is still seems like the zakat of the program which need to be increased and well planed as per requirement of UN Convention, national policy and potentiality of disabled community in spite of their physical lacking. The Ministry of information by legal provision makes sure that media will be responsible to make permanent policy, provision and program to improve and up-lift the situation of disabled community both in public and private sector.
  10. By realizing the importance of skills  and technology for the PWDS It is strongly suggested that all the special education forum like departments of special educations  in different universities and other wise should under take the responsibility for research and promotion of skills and technology  while ministry of education , UNESCO , and others forums responsible   for promotion of education and training including state engineering cooperation  come forward for funding and mobilization of resources and facilities
  11. Keeping in view of the penetration of talented disabled youth in higher education it is strongly recommended that higher education authorities, institutions including commission who have been already approached should under take the responsibility to ensure equal support and accessible format if needed as per provision of UN Convention
  12. To take care the special need and nature of sport and recreation for the people with disabilities, all the responsible GOs and NGOs with especial provision should establish separate component to pay meaningful attention and to ensure required majors by arranging accessible format and facilities in existing institutions as well
  13. The programs like Prime Minster package for training and employment of Youth may have ten percent exclusive provision of ten percent for disabled persons with effective monitoring and control may be  ensured to protect the due rights and privileges of disabled youth and adults .
  14. All the National institutions like NCSW,NTD, NISE, DGSE, National Braille Press , National Library , Nation Commission for Child Development ,  after devolution of Ministry have lose their National role practically  and deserve serious attention to control the veg situation both at Federal and  provincial level providing open field to those who are  physically responsible for either sides to do whatever they like with out any control and consultation  In all the process of revolving the situation the involvement of disabled representative must be included to make the institutions objectives oriented and fruitful for the targeted group that is disabled community , like wise the provincial setup should legally ensure the policy and program providing due protection to the rights and privileges disabled representatives and community as per UN convention .
  15. Establishment of Equipment Bank for People with Disabilities (PWD’s):
    It is easy to understand that  especially  in this  modern age , education , Training , Rehabilitation and otherwise required equipment and devices incase of PWDs this need multiplied because every equipment minor or sophisticated  need to be device especially further more as per simple survey more then eighty percent of the disabled population  is beyond the institutional setup and for them simply NGOs with extreme limitation and limited resources can not arrange or fulfill the need of daily life equipment even in the field like Wheelchairs , Hearing aids , White canes , vokers, Artificial limbs and skills trainings equipment for speech therapy and physiotherapy other wise . Further more the equipment granted by the Govt. for PWDs through federal, provincial and local Govt. Institutions also need to be controlled and centralize in the light of the un desirable and varied prevailing situation both cost,  need, and priority wise .
  16. Public Private Partnership:
    Including UN convention almost all  the International forum responsible for advocacy and betterment of the PWD  almost all of the opinion that keeping in view the practical effective and economical role of NGO ‘s and especially self help organizations of the Disabled themselves should be encouraged by patronization and financial support towards planning and development of  their own Programs, projects and schemes  that is why especially in advance countries the Govt. after securitizing the proposals of the NGO’s preferably  submitted by the self help organizations provide sixty to eighty percent share as matching support if NGO concerned under take rest of the responsibility as per MOU .

    This system helped to promote understanding, to develop the reality based consumers oriented programs and to reduce the un-desirable burden of GO and high cost off course. Therefore the public and private partnership for PWD may be adopted with arrangement of budget allocation as well. This will again help to avoid high cost projects and undesirable discrepancies.

    Only because of non availability of systematic arrangement of equipment the talented disabled youth and educators miss the golden opportunity in National and International competitions. Therefore it is suggested that on a high level  the matter of establishing equipment bank for PWD’s by involving National and International funding agencies like world bank , JIACA, . CIDA, UN agencies and several others together with Pakistan Baitul Maal, Zakat Fund  and others , may be taken into serious consideration. The Further detail can be provided if suggestion receive and Insha    Allah it will receive soft corner.

  17. Zakat and Baitul Maal;
    It is mention that because of un desirable environment and influence of the political factor the disabled community could not avail the meaningful benefit of the above said relief fund even against the securitize and well channelize cases were not entertain. Therefore most sincerely and after having experience it is suggested.
    >> The population wise allocations of the total  budged may be  separately determent for disabled persons.
    >> The identification of the areas of funding for the PWD’s may be redefined as per there especial situation and specified need.

    All the funds and policies may be patronized and supervised by a high power, council having reasonable representation of the disabled community.

  18. Women Development with especial reference to PWDS:
    In the light of the absolute hopeless situation have been prevailing, regarding disabled women both by the Ministry of Special Education, Social Welfare and Women Development Ministry, only throwing ball in either course doing nothing and same at the Provincial level mostly. Therefore it is most sincerely and hopefully recommended that separate allocation may be consider and utilized with the involvement and monitoring of the PWDS.
  19. Effective patronization and control of the International and national commitment regarding PWD’s:
    Effective patronizations a monitoring to protect the International and National responsibilities and policies of the federal Government at the provincial level with regards to PWD’s during my National and International careers I very much not only observe but listened. from different corners that due to the un availability of fruitful mechanism of coordination, leisure and control even between the federal and provincial ministries and in inter provincial setups especially for people with disabilities we are neither properly utilizing  the exiting resources , opportunities and facilities ,nor  mobilizing the international opportunities and supports to make the maximum utilization and to take care of the responsibilities under UN convention, national policy and National plan of action the stick and answerable supervision on provinces and sub units must be ensured to  finally protect  the destitute community like PWDS  it is again required because after the devolution of Ministries neither federal not provincial authorities were found answerable as per the indications of un encouraging existing situation . Therefore strong planning in this regard for practical reasons is suggested.