Special Education 2006

Recommendation of Three Days Conference on Special Education, held in Islamabad from 31st of August to 2nd of September 2006.

  1. In all the institution of the general education the 2% quota for disabled persons must be observed as and when it is needed to be applied.
  2. The experts of the sign language preferably appointed and posted at all the public places including social and educational institutions.
  3. All the educational, social and public places be accessible to all the disabled persons.
  4. To avoid the discrepancies of past it is essential to ensure the consultation and monitoring of the representative of the disabled persons in all the related affairs to the education of the disabled persons.
  5. On special education comprising of parliamentarian, representative of self help moment of disabled persons and may be lawyers be appointed to review the situation time to time or to consider the matter referred to it when ever it is needed.
  6. To introduced and promote the inclusive education it is considered advisable to prefer those instructors who have masters and bachelors degrees in special education.
  7. To cater  the individual need of each province according to its curricula the Braille presses be established in all the provinces and for the  time being existing Braille presses may be brought into co-ordination and umbrella system to avoid the duplication and to full fill the requirements of all four provinces centrally control area. For this reason the high powered government authority may establish concentrative liaison and proper supervision
  8. In the light of very successful experience and subsequent practice of introduction of Braille as an optional subject in ordinary schools and colleges, it is strongly recommended to introduced the Braille subject as an optional subject in all the four provinces through boards of education and universities so that purpose of inclusion main streaming and employment of the visually impaired be comfortably solved.
  9. It was noticed that the blind teachers and instructors are not normally promoted because of their blindness. As such it is strongly recommended that discrimination in any case should not be practiced but it should be avoided by providing equal status and equal opportunity to all the teachers including blind and other handicapped.
  10. NBF Braille Press under the federal Ministry of Education is make functional and practical and permanent monitoring may be ensured by the experts of the field by avoiding previous discrepancies.
  11. The existing Braille Library and Resource Centre +Talking Book Service should work under the specialize committee comprising of experts of the field including representative from self help moment to avoid the previous lacking and discrepancies regarding  talking book service specially.
  12. All the existing hostels under the federal ministry of Special Education specially established for the disabled children should be exclusively used by the disabled children. For this purpose all the occupied hostels by un-desirable groups may be immediately vacated.
  13. The National trust for disabled persons may be functional in accordance with its determined aims and objectives so that the benefits to the education of the disabled children may be ensured. For this reason involvements of the
  14. Representative of the disabled persons may also be involved at implementation and monitoring level.
  15. In view of the importance of the National Council for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled Persons (NCRDP) towards the education and   training of the disabled it is strongly recommended that the NCRDP may be activated in accordance with the approved policy,  rules and regulations and the decisions may be implemented accordingly. The National Identity card specially as the assignment of the NCRDP may be full filled without any delay.
  16. The components of the education of disabled children may be restored   and activated under the National Commission for Child Development as it was happening as it has been part of the commission at the     time of establishment
  17. Keeping in the mind the importance of the equipments in training and education of the disabled persons the urgent need of provision of equipments may be full filled by establishing equipment bank under the federal ministry of special education in collaboration with the financial co-operation of international agencies and Pakistan Baitulmal Etc.
  18. With reference to the affairs of the disabled and specially education and training of the disabled p persons all the ministries, departments, commissions and units like that may be brought into main streaming so that co-ordination and understanding may be ensured which is essential for the disabled persons to enjoy their rights and privileges in all sectors of life without any discrimination or prejudices.
  19. To ensure this requirement The President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Parliament of Pakistan, Judiciary of Pakistan, and Cabinet Division are requested to play their role and responsibilities as per requirement of the situation. The main objective of the social integration and inclusion may be achieve as it has been emphasis by the Honorable Prime Minister in his message specially given for the for the three days conference on special education .
  20. The Ministry of the Special Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Education