Women Convention 2010

Recommendation of one day disabled women convention With special reference of White Cane Safety Day 14th October 2010 at Pakistan Arts Council, Karachi.

  1. By following the City District Government Karachi all the City Governments in the country are urged upon to make provision in their Policies, Programs and Budget Allocations together with the establishment of Community cum Resource Centers for Disabled Women with the collaboration of ministries concerned and local bodies.
  2. The Women Development Ministry must discontinue its discriminative policy of segregating disabled women and should consider the Disabled Women as integral part of the society and ensure provision and funding for them as an equal partner and component of the society.
  3. To improve the situation of employment of disabled women special instructions may be issued to the female educational and training schools and institutions with special favor.
  4. Marriage of the disabled woman has been acute problem be taken into active consideration because  inspite of higher education and training most of the disabled women couldn’t succeeded to get marry with a normal person. Even disabled woman prefer to marry with abled bodies. As such it is recommended to have a marriage bureau in proposed centers for disabled women and marriage committees in organization like Pakistan Disabled Foundation. In this regard some sort of incentive may be given in employment facilities.
  5. The youth ministry also urged upon to make exclusive program and budget allocation for female disabled youth.
  6. The disabled women by virtue of their equal and required performance may be considered for inclusion in groups and delegation as and when comprised offer any related program within and without the country.

Prof. Majida Nasir
General Secretary